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March 04, 2006

a bell

familiar wholehearted – proclaimed
engaged wrapped and small reading
pass abandon over to left
bereft dream a lover

and shorn

one light death & small outside
where there is a
where there is another
through eyelids
through smiles through hands
change on the hour

a lapse, a newborn aurora fading
in slow a movie in performance
still a search, all touching, all sentiment
taking note of notes, all in script

and crying in error arriving
in expectation and the cause cover
for celebration the cause
in borne revolt spread open
the breath in the opening of a word

of the schism a word
the moment a word
adored the word on
the chord a word

hells bells, this thing that ties
and blood restrains red like
and like bread this shall be
a sign for you dropped,
pleased and reconciled in triumph
veiled in the light

bring a second birth to continue
all that has seen, all that is seen
all told, as it was told
all lines close—shifting and slack
a blood streak
where is the glory?


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