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March 07, 2006

an animal language

to be an animal I kept
looking into night visions
of days all language, a dominion
all language a kingdom
all language given to all
language a verse
all language a presence

all language all language
remakeable all
language propped on a
shoulder all language
sitting all language in zeal all
language returns born
all language an exception
all language an infant all
language in a second on a tongue
of all tongues a language

all language is luggage prepared
for people as beings and in wrath
and made—said—drawn—learnt—
resting—wrested—rationed—in ratio
systemically evaluated—pictured
made right—made real—what is
done is mattered, weighed—honored
alone upon thousands—

the many pulled—drawn
changed before closed
rendered in accident—
accidented walking to
never to never heard
to ask truth in recognition—
a table a thing an object a life

in terse connection livid
in concocted verse heard
shipped on absurd fixity
to tell swarms slipped unabashed
form conversion in ancillary tracks
of antics fixed aversions
ants crack hell in acts.

unintended consequence
unintelligible construction
anti-intellectual canned verse
in actual worms of all Kant's shell
inactive offal—a cunt
a verse correction

a language of tipsy
a language of topsy
a language turvy


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