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March 10, 2006

a night of

billions the real source
perhaps my love
hope, switch the flaw
maintain this innate–
to(o) experience(d) close

a night of sleep a night of
noise a night of eventuality
a night of blur a night
of off a night of right
a night of pharmaceuticals
a night of precisely a night

of anxiety a night of
waiting a night of wonder
a night of life a night of
for what a night of you
a night of eyes a night of
darkness a night of staring
a night of reading of talk
a night of talk a night

called a night of the
museum of a night of
emotion a night of sometimes
a night of yes and no
a night of terribly upset a
night of truth a night of
not allowed a night of
walking a night of ever really
a night of outside a night of

random inevitability –
not exactly not quite a caving
in a blow to the body –
in the cold watching
the screen two months and
the second to a definition –

what's undone
uninterested – sought out
perhaps there's more
on trial to know a
misunderstanding alone
an appeal someone else

this might eventually seem
like silence
a reading drifted creating
an indirectness –
a language for knowing what's not known

leaf blown, border, crossing
left below bare
all budding blue cares
ants build busy arteries
digging buried bruises along
digging cherries browned assonance
difficult cento culminates
easy cat, clowns are
everywhere circling church buildings


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