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July 17, 2006

Ad for Speaking*

Art of the Speaking
how to learn better be public a speaker
a new form art
and Debate Speaking Public
is eloquent oratory speaking
the public of art speaking
something means flowery eloquence
The Speaking Way to Easy and Effective
language in the eloquent use of skill
rhetoric is new use of the different meaning
in Public Humor Speaking
The public speaking public speaking
our disciplines ground the content of our teaching
the speaking art of public dialogue
to perform public the primary meaning
first people’s intense fear of public fear
of utterly humiliating some new clear speech structure
In a public speaking
too clever and their meaning is not clear
opportunities for meaning
as Performing a new meaning
Many public experts speaking
All new updated Speech mastery
clear away opposing when public speaking
dignity, meaning, and honest emotion
is a fear of public speaking.
overcome the lectern to make meaning clear
The Art and Science of Public Speaking With Free Speech

*Inspired by Jaap Blonk's 'Ad' from the CD Vocalor.