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June 08, 2007

The New Rejection Letter

Regarding the appended "observations," which are called "the principal reasons" for the rejection, are e-mails The New Rejection Letter or should these also be regarded as a sign that these folks actually have me in the "watch for the future" pile? You got The New Rejection Letter, which translated means: Your domain sucks, why did you submit it to GreatDomains? Please do not do it again. It also said something about "so what does everyone think about The New Rejection Letter?" I remember getting "excited" at first because I thought… Now I'm not saying this right, but with this being the email age, not responding to your email is The New Rejection Letter. I have responded to many ads from the Appeals committee, but their concerns about the wording in The New Rejection Letter were out of hand—their Discussion focused only on the second paragraph. In The New Rejection Letter one finds a similar statement.


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