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July 04, 2007

The Bald Champ Threatens

The widespread wings, white-capped head and sharp cry
That combine drama, daring and indigestion in a repulsive triumph
First warned that new missles plan to set up a system.

Losing the noble visage is unthinkable, yet it almost happened. Hunting and
The great red, white and blue inhaling a screaming crowd in Coney Island.
The threat is likely to irritate an early warning radar system in the interceptors.

As the country took action, killing the lowly scavenger, with its ranks still thinning…
"If I needed to eat another one right now, I could," said the emblem of eating supremacy.
As an alternative to the plan currently under construction—sharing, making, bringing and setting up.

The bald eagle soars again
No-Bayashi _ Hot Dog Champ Loses
Ivanov Threatens to Put Missiles in Kaliningrad

I've been doing these every day so far since the first of the month they are an experiment that Nicholas Grider turned me on to over at 3by3by3 and the first three I did are posted over there, along with the basic rules. Because I like rules and restrictions so much I added some of my own to the basic template. I take three news stories, use the 1st para from the 1st story for the 1st line the 1st para from the 2nd story for the 2nd line and the 1st para from the 3rd story for the 3rd line - then start over for the second and third stanzas. I also only allow myself to take words out in the order they appear in the news story and only allow myself to change things from plural to singular or past to present tense, very basic subtle changes. They make interesting strange things I think. If you start doing any of them, be sure to send them to the 3by3by3 blog and Lance will post them up there.


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