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July 06, 2007

Some Spicer

Distance, Einstein said, goes around in circles. This
Is the opposite of a party or a social gathering.
It does not give much distance to go on.
In the beaches of California
It does not give me much to go on.
The tidal swell
Particle and wave
Wave and particle

from the sequence Love Poems in the book Language 1964

and then another piece after Spicer...

There is realisation paint on not having youngblood just as there is realisation paint on not having poignancy
Not totemic in either case as solarium or solvency, endearing all the minor trails
But in either case (poignancy or youngblood)
As bedlam.
Against the rhombic drink and other imaginaries we have not seeded in toil
I have seeded the youthful locks of the lioness and come back for the homecoming wearing only a sweater.


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